Sigma 4-5KRL

The refrigerated centrifuge Sigma 4-5KRL has specifically been developed for system integration and can be easily integrated into any workflow. Thanks to a lid opening time of only 3 seconds and high-precision positioning of rotor and buckets, this particularly smooth centrifuge is a reliable tool offering 24/7 availability. 

This robust device is very undemanding and gets by with only one service interval per year. Tubes, for which Sigma manufactures customized adapters upon request, as well as microtiter plates can be centrifuged with the Sigma 4-5KRL.

New design for Sigma 8KS and 8KBS stand-alone centrifuge

The stand-alone centrifuges Sigma 8KS and Sigma 8KBS (blood bank version) have been given a facelift. A new low-profile lid with a handy stainless steel grip and a significantly larger viewing window for external speed checks now provide major enhancements to functionality and design. For even more convenient operation, the controller has been moved to the left side and a lid holder has been added on the right side of the centrifuge.

On the inside the centrifuge still offers the same impressive capacity, making it ideal for production tasks. The maximum capacity of the Sigma 8KS extends from 6x 1 litre with a fixed-angle rotor to as much as 12x 1 litre, 6x 1.5 litre or 12 blood pouches (Sigma 8KBS) with a swing-out rotor.

The motorised lid lock, which is already compliant with the upcoming pinch protection standard, makes the compact and very well cooled unit easy to use. This high-performance centrifuge features a low loading height and a pleasantly low noise level in operation, along with remarkably low power consumption.

The Sigma 8KS is ideal for general-purpose use in medical and research environments, just as the Sigma 8KBS is the perfect choice for blood bank applications.

A new series of blood pouch adapters is already in the pipeline and will join the accessories range for the Sigma 8KBS in the late spring of 2017.

Labmate and Sigma announce collaboration

Labmate Asia Pvt. Ltd. and Sigma Laborzentrifugen GmbH are proud to announce their distributorship agreement.

Sigma Laborzentrifugen Gmbh, Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges worldwide. Centrifuges from Sigma range from small tabletop, to high speed (70000 x g) and high capacity (12 liters) instruments. Due to the comprehensive range of accessories Sigma centrifuges are used in unique & wide spectrum of applications.

Labmate Asia is a strong partner providing application support and service all over India, with headquarters in Chennai and branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and also presence in Kolkata, Pune, Lucknow & Chandigarh. Labmate’s team of 75 professionals is renowned for being competent in offering instruments for biotechnology, life-science, biopharmaceutical, nanotechnology, drug discovery, agricultural and other applications.

Sigma centrifuges are known for their quality, and are widely used in India since many years. The new agreement brings an expansion of the product portfolio for Labmate, a new level of dedicated application support for Sigma centrifuges, and much stronger support for the benefit of our customers in India.


Read our flyer and get a general idea about the current highlights of sigma centrifuges.

High performance with a new design

The new Sigma 2-7 arose from the experiences and desires of our customers. The technical features of this centrifuge are impressive: stainless steel bowl, imbalance switch, motorised lid lock, innovative run display with blue LEDs, and process reliability. The centrifuge is also very quiet in operation. Specimens are only slightly warmed, which is important for blood specimen tubes in particular. Together with a versatile, modular swing-out rotor, the foundation is laid for a successful career in many laboratories.

Quality Management is mandatory

Standard operating procedures are ruling the work with laboratory equipment in many applications, and quality management is mandatory. The separation of blood components in a blood bank, in-vitro diagnostics applications and pharmaceutical production are among the most demanding examples.

A whole set of functions dedicated to quality management has been implemented in our centrifuges. Spincontrol S is a powerful controller for centrifuges, who’s microprocessor enables both internal quality management functions as well as external communication with a laboratory information management systems (LIMS) for tracking, tracing and reporting.

With Spincontrol S the functions relevant for quality management are part of the instrument, i.e. can be used without the need for a separate computer.

Please read our new broschure Sigma Data Interface to get more information about using the controller Spincontral S for quality management in laboratory processes.

40 Years Sigma centrifuges

„40 years of Sigma centrifuges” is company’s motto for 2015.A special focus and highlight are the Sigma 1-16 and 1-16K microcentrifuges, available in a special limited edition for the occasion with bodies finished in Sigma‘s secondary corporate colour “maize yellow”.

Sigma centrifuges are known for their performance and reliability, as well as a high standard of safety. Sigma has the right centrifuge for every specific customer need – compact, high-speed or stand-alone, refrigerated or unrefrigerated, heated, or very low noise.

Sigma offer a broad range of laboratory centrifuges, fixed-angle and swing-out rotors and accessories. All products meet high standards of reliability and safety. Application areas include pharmaceutical research, biotechnology, medical analytics, environmental analytics, petroleum analysis and many others.

To get more information - about the technical data - read our newsletter and download our brochure of the limited special edition.

Cleanroom range of accessories – robust and resistant

Sigma offers a new, highly resistant coating for its high-value aluminium buckets and rotors. This new cleanroom coating protects the accessories reliably against corrosion – particularly
when working with aggressive chemicals. Even caustic soda and hydrochloric acid do not stand a chance against the cleanroom coating. In addition, the surfaces are food-safe (FDA-certified) and easy to clean without any residues.

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