Comfort coating

Your Comfort? No more greasing!

New Comfort coating from Sigma
Cleaning and caring for centrifuges and accessories is vital for long-term safe operation and optimal separation results. With swing-out rotors, regular greasing of the pins that carry the buckets is very important. Irregular or no greasing makes it difficult for the buckets to swing out, leading to imbalance.

No more greasing
Thanks to the new Sigma Comfort coating, Sigma Comfort rotors no longer need to be greased. The rotor and buckets will comfortably operate together for several years – with no need for regular greasing. For typical applications in normal labs, the Sigma Comfort coating will last for up to 5 years. The lifetime of the black coating depends on the intensity of use and therefore may vary.

Thanks to the black Comfort coating of Sigma rotor pins, Sigma Comfort rotors no longer need to be greased.

To maximize the lifetime of the coating, always load the rotor with the individual buckets mounted in the same place. Over time, the black coating will show minor signs of wear, but this certainly does not indicate the end of its lifetime. If the black Comfort coating wears off completely after several years, replace the rotor and buckets or simply continue  with conventional greasing. Clean chamber Another advantage of the Comfort coating is that the centrifuge chamber stays clean: the Sigma Comfort coated rotors eliminate the usual grease line in the centrifuge  chamber. Rotors with the Sigma Comfort coating can easily be recognized by the “C” after the item number. For example 11180 C. 

Sigma Comfort coating:

  • No greasing necessary for several years*
  • Safe operation
  • Avoids imbalance
  • High product safety and superior separation results
  • Clean centrifuge chamber

* Depending on intensity of use.

Sigma Comfort rotors

Long-term safe operation with Sigma Comfort coating