Sigma Datasuite

Sigma Datasuite

Sigma Datasuite continuously monitors the status of the connected centrifuges and will automatically wright a file to a user-defined location once a centrifugation run is completed.

Sigma Datasuite was developed by LabCraft AS (Norway), who are specialized in data systems for blood banks. It enables local and server archiving of all relevant data arising during the centrifugation process,  together with donation and staff IDs, as csv or txt files (or optionally write to SQL database). Sigma Datasuite will organize the processing data in a line for each present donation ID, thus enabling straightforward import to the blood bank establishment computer system.

An overview page showing the status of all connected instruments, including display of % of completion, supports the workflow in blood component processing. In addition details on each connected centrifuge are accessible. Alternatively Sigma Datasuite can simply run in the background.

The philosophy of the Datasuite is the combination of meeting the demand for comprehensive documentation, but with the least possible level of administration. No separate PC is needed, since Datasuite can run on an existing PC with existing administration and network protection. Up to 16 centrifuges can be connected to one PC via an edge-port (USB - COM). Communication with the centrifuges is via reliable, industry-standard RS232.

The recommended configuration consists of one Sigma Datasuite Lab License plus n Sigma Datasuite Instrument Licenses; the edge-port hardware is required as well as the interface board (item 71355, incl. barcode scanner) for Sigma 8KBS.