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ChristSigma Instruments and Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Trust, quality and local presence: ChristSigma Beijing redefines sales and service in China

ChristSigma Instruments and Equipment (Beijing) Co, Ltd (short: ChristSigma Beijing) is a Chinese sales and service company of the Christ and Sigma Group and was established in 2023 to strengthen our presence in one of the most important markets. Over the years, China has proven to be an important sales market and a significant contributor to our global success.

Expert advice and comprehensive service

Our subsidiary in China focuses on the sales and service of our high-quality centrifuges, including accessories. Our local experts provide professional advice to our customers in China.

Our dedicated staff of about 40 specialists is not only available for sales, but also for comprehensive services. This includes maintenance, repairs and all services to ensure that our products are always in optimum operating condition.

Local presence for optimal customer support

The main mission of ChristSigma Beijing is to sell and service our high quality products. Our local sales and service teams are based in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing to ensure optimum support and assistance to our Chinese customers.

ChristSigma Beijing stands for quality, commitment and customer service in the Chinese market.

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