Sigma 4-5KRL

Sigma 4-5KRL

Centrifuge for automation

The refrigerated centrifuge Sigma 4-5KRL has specifically been developed for system integration and can be easily integrated into any workflow. Thanks to a lid opening time of only 3 seconds and high-precision positioning of rotor and buckets, this particularly smooth centrifuge is a reliable tool offering 24/7 availability. 

This robust device is very undemanding and gets by with only one service interval per year. Tubes, for which Sigma manufactures customized adapters upon request, as well as microtiter plates can be centrifuged with the Sigma 4-5KRL.

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Product Specifications
max. speed [min-1] 4.700
max. RCF [x g] 4.470
Temperature setting range [°C] -20°C – +40°C
Programs 50
Acceleration curves 10
Deceleration curves 10
Cycle counting Yes