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Refrigerated automated centrifuge
Sigma 4-5KRL

The efficient solution for lab automation

The innovative Sigma 4‑5KRL is specifically designed for integration into laboratory automation systems (total lab automation). This refrigerated centrifuge is designed for robot loading and unloading, as well as control over the integrated serial interface. It is ideal for a very high volume of specimen tubes for clinical in vitro diagnostics (IVD) and for use with microtiter plates and custom tubes and flasks. Its compact construction facilitate easy integration into workflows, thereby making a significant contribution to higher efficiency in the lab.

What makes the Sigma 4‑5KRL robot centrifuge so attractive
The patented bucket lifting device is one of its unique features. This innovative bucket levelling function ensures that after each centrifugation run, the buckets return to a horizontally and vertically reproducible position at the loading/unloading location. This innovation decisively boosts process reliability.
The Sigma 4‑5KRL features impressively low process downtimes. For example, lid opening and closing takes less than 2 seconds, and the rotor indexing time is just 8 seconds. Combined with the innovative bucket levelling function for precise positioning of the buckets, this enables quick loading and unloading of the centrifuge, helping to boost throughput.

The low-profile centrifuge lid allows the Sigma 4‑5KRL to be placed directly beneath the work platform, enabling minimisation of the robot Z axis length.

The powerful drive of the Sigma 4‑5KRL ensures short braking and acceleration times of just 23 and 24 seconds, respectively. Smooth running allows reproducible centrifugation results to be achieved.

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Sigma 4-5KRL refrigerated robotic centrifuge for lab automation with closed and open lid
Sigma 4-5KRL refrigerated robotic centrifuge side view with open hatch
Sigma 4-5KRL refrigerated robotic centrifuge for lab automation with open lid
Swing-out rotor
3000 ml
4,700 rpm
4,643 x g
  • Automation
  • Hospitals
  • Food labs
  • Universities & colleges
  • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Cell culture labs
  • Environmental labs
Product options
  • With or without bucket levelling
  • RS 232 interface

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