Sigma 8KBS

Refrigerated floor-standing centrifuge
Sigma 8KBS

Ideal for blood banks and transfusion facilities

The Sigma 8KBS is a refrigerated floor-standing centrifuge specifically designed for use in blood banks and transfusion facilities. With a maximum capacity of twelve 1,000 ml blood pouches or twelve blood pouch systems per run, it enables efficient processing of large specimen volumes. The centrifuge reliably delivers excellent and reproducible sedimentation results thanks to its very smooth running.
Along with its outstanding performance characteristics, the Sigma 8KBS features impressive energy efficiency and perfectly matched accessories. Intuitive operation and the ergonomic loading height of just 88 cm simplify daily work in the lab and make the Sigma 8KBS one of the most popular blood bank centrifuges on the market.

What makes the Sigma 8KBS floor-standing centrifuge so attractive
Users appreciate the Sigma 8KBS as an efficient, high performance blood bank centrifuge. With maximum RCF up to 8,578 x g, the patented Spincontrol S single-knob control and ergonomic lid opening, it is the ideal device for intensive daily use.

A broad range of swing-out rotors, buckets, adapters and accessories are available. The two six-position swing-out rotors feature impressive versatility. Along with blood pouches, they can hold all commonly used tubes for clinical applications as well as flasks up to 1,500 ml. A new family of adapters has been developed specifically for blood banks and transfusion facilities. They are made of high-performance materials for outstanding lifetime and feature a smooth, durable surface.
This floor-standing centrifuge is among the most compact units of its class and is pleasantly quiet. It ensures a pleasantly quiet working environment with a noise level of 54 db(A)*.

The high-performance refrigeration system can be adjusted precisely over a temperature range from -20°C to +40°C. The Rapid Temp quick cooling function allows the centrifuge chamber and accessories to be pre-cooled to a defined temperature, which is particularly important when working with pre-chilled blood pouches.

The Sigma 8KBS is also available as an all-purpose refrigerated floor-standing centrifuge.

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Sigma 8KBS refrigerated blood bank centrifuge for blood bags with closed and opened lid
Sigma 8KBS refrigerated blood bank centrifuge for blood bags with closed lid
Sigma 8KBS refrigerated blood bank centrifuge for blood bags with opened lid
Swing-out rotor
12000 ml
4,100 rpm
5,394 x g
Fixed-angle rotor
12 Bloodbags
  • Blood banks
  • Transfusion facilities
Product options
  • Water cooling
  • RS 232 interface for barcode scanner
  • DataSuite data documentation system

Sigma Spincontrol S - enabling Excellence in Separation | 1

Sigma Spincontrol S - enabling Excellence in Separation | 2

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