Sigma 4-5L tabletop centrifuge laboratory operation

Unrefrigerated benchtop centrifuge
Sigma 4-5L

A top performer for high throughput

The high-performance Sigma 4‑5L laboratory centrifuge is designed for throughput and capacity. The hight torque enables especially short acceleration times and makes laboratory processes efficient. This centrifuge is recommended for applications in clinical diagnostics and for life sciences applications.

The Sigma 4‑5L also boasts a low noise level and an extensive range of accessories. Up to 50 different routine protocols can be stored in program memory and easily retrieved.

What makes the Sigma 4‑5L benchtop centrifuge so attractive
The optimised air handling of the Sigma 4‑5L laboratory centrifuge ensures very low specimen heating and pleasantly quiet running. As an additional innovative feature, the IVD model of this device has a sensor to monitor the specimen limit temperature, making it a valuable tool for protecting sensitive specimens.

The extensive range of accessories is impressive. Along with tubes and flasks from 1.5 to 750 ml, it includes buckets to hold microtiter and deepwell plates. With RCF values up to 4,643 x g, the Sigma 4‑5L is also well suited to centrifuging gel tubes. The maximum capacity per run of blood collection tubes for clinical in vitro diagnostics (IVD) is outstanding. For instance, it can hold up to 144 blood collection tubes with 13 mm diameter or 100 blood collection tubes with 16 mm diameter from all known manufacturers. This means the Sigma 4‑5L offers up to 25% more capacity that comparable units in its class.

The Sigma 4‑5L is also available as refrigerated centrifuge and as an IVD model.

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Sigma 4-5L tabletop centrifuge with closed and opened lid
Sigma 4-5L tabletop centrifuge with closed lid
Sigma 4-5L tabletop centrifuge with opened lid
Swing-out rotor
3000 ml
4,700 rpm
4,643 x g
  • Hospitals
  • Food labs
  • Universities & colleges
  • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Cell culture labs
  • Environmental labs
Product options
  • IVD with temperature measurement
  • Biosafe swing-out rotors
  • Clinic and cell culture packages
  • RS 232 interface

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