Loading of the Sigma 1-7 microcentrifuge with blood tubes

Unrefrigerated small centrifuge
Sigma 1-7

Maximum work convenience with minimum operating noise

The Sigma 1‑7 is designed for the separation of blood and urine specimens in medical practices and small labs, and due to its strong performance it is also used in environmental analytics, schools and universities.

The Sigma 1‑7 compact benchtop centrifuge is especially good in delivering exact results in a very short time. With these attributes combined with convenient, intuitive operation and the motorised lid lock, which enables effortless closing of the centrifuge, it offers more than comparable devices in its segment.

What makes the Sigma 1‑7 benchtop centrifuge so attractive
The Sigma 1‑7 benchtop centrifuge is the only one in its segment that supports up to ten saved programs. This allows routine protocols to be stored and work processes to be optimised. In operation this small centrifuge runs with especially low vibration, quietly and pleasantly.

The perfectly matched fixed-angle rotor of the Sigma 1‑7, with a maximum capacity of 6 x 15 ml, is well suited to meet the demands of small volumes of specimens. The maximum RCF of 6,153 x g and the short braking and acceleration times of this small centrifuge allow separation times to be shortened considerably.

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Sigma 1-7 laboratory centrifuge with closed and opened lid often used as blood centrifuge
Sigma 1-7 laboratory centrifuge with closed lid often used as blood centrifuge
Sigma 1-7 blood centrifuge with opened lid often used for blood centrifugation
Fixed-angle rotor
90 ml
8,000 rpm
6,153 x g
  • Doctors in private practice
  • Veterinary practices
  • Small laboratory workstations
  • Hospitals
Product options
  • Centrifuge & rotor package

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