Sigma 1-14K refrigerated benchtop microcentrifuge laboratory operation

Refrigerated microcentrifuge
Sigma 1-14K

Compact, powerful and versatile

The Sigma 1‑14K centrifuge has a small footprint, fits in every lab, and fulfils the most stringent technical requirements. Its strong performance and large range of rotors are unique:

Two fixed-angle rotors provide a maximum capacity of 24 x 1.5/2.0 ml. Thanks to rotors for PCR strips, microhaematocrit capillary tubes and filter tubes, the Sigma 1‑14K is an all-round laboratory centrifuge suitable for a wide variety of applications. It is popular for molecular biology applications such as DNA, RNA and protein isolation, clinical chemistry, and in research labs and food labs, universities, and the pharmaceutical industry.

What makes the Sigma 1‑14K refrigerated mini centrifuge so attractive
The handy Sigma 1‑14K mini centrifuge combines effective performance with reliability. It is pleasantly quiet even at maximum speed, has wonderfully short braking times, is easy to use, and can be closed effortlessly thanks to a motorised lid lock. Customers also appreciate the price/performance ratio.

The Sigma 1‑14K is the most compact refrigerated centrifuge commercially available and easily achieves +4°C at maximum speed.

The Sigma 1‑14K is also available as the Sigma 1‑14 unrefrigerated centrifuge.

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Sigma 1-14K refrigerated microcentrifuge with closed and opened lid
Sigma 1-14K refrigerated microcentrifuge with closed lid
Sigma 1-14K refrigerated microliter centrifuge with opened lid
Swing-out rotor
15,000 rpm
16,099 x g
Fixed-angle rotor
24 x 2 ml
15,000 rpm
16,602 x g
  • Hospitals
  • Infant stations
  • Children’s hospitals
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Food labs
  • Universities & colleges
  • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Cell culture labs

Unrefrigerated and refrigerated microcentrifuges Sigma 1-14 and Sigma 1-14K

Compact, powerful and versatile

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Sigma 1-14

Unrefrigerated microcentrifuge

Compact, powerful and versatile

Fixed-angle rotor
48 ml
14,800 rpm
16,162 x g

Sigma 1-16K

Refrigerated microcentrifuge

High-grade microcentrifuge with an extensive range of rotors

Fixed-angle rotor
72 ml
15,000 rpm
20,627 x g

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