Sigma 3K15

Sigma 3K15

The cooled universal centrifuge Sigma 3K15 is just as convincing as the 3-15 with a wide range of applications. The narrow front of the centrifuge is only a few cm wider than many pure fixed-angle centrifuges for reaction vessels. A swing-out rotor 4x200 ml, an MTP rotor without air vessel, fixed-angle rotors e.g. 48x1.5 ml, 6x50 ml conical or 6x94 ml can be used. Delivery to selected countries.

Product Specifications
max. speed [min-1] 15.300
max. RCF [x g] 21.913
max. capacity [ml] 4 x 200 ml
Temperature setting range [°C] -10 – +40
Programs 10
Acceleration curves 10
Deceleration curves 9
Cycle counting

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Sigma 3-15

800 ml
14.500 rpm
20.685 x g

Unrefrigerated benchtop centrifuge, swing-out rotors, fixed-angle rotors, PCR, microtiter plates