Economical, ecological, and social

Many different cogs help ensure our company operates in a sustainable and resource-efficient way. And ultimately, everybody in the company plays an important part in our excellent sustainability performance.

Energy-efficient product features

At Sigma, we provide our customers with long-lasting products that are easy to repair. This is because our laboratory centrifuges are top quality. Not only are they incredibly reliable and powerful but they’re also user friendly.

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We’re thrilled! Sigma wins sustainability award

EcoVadis, a recognized independent evaluation platform, has awarded Sigma for the second time, after assessing the following criteria: environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

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Awareness and ethical conduct

Satisfied and valued employees and partners are fundamental to business success. That’s why we take great care to preserve collaborative, family-like relationships with our suppliers, service providers and global sales partners, and are constantly working to improve our attractiveness as an employer. For example, on top of supporting individual professional development, we also provide various extras like bonuses, language courses, and a company pension plan.

Plant wildflowers and make bees and butterflies happy

At trade fairs, we distribute test tubes with wildflower seeds as a sustainable giveaway. Our motivation: Do more for the environment, for our unique nature and its little fellow inhabitants.

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