Equipment qualification options

Sigma Laborzentrifugen GmbH offers several types of equipment qualification.


Package 1

This package includes the factory calibration of the speed and runtime of non-refrigerated centrifuges as a simple proof of compliance with the technical parameters.

Calibration – speed and runtime | ref. no. 17714

Package 2

This certification package for refrigerated centrifuges also includes a temperature calibration. 

Calibration – speed, runtime and temperature | ref. no. 17715

Package 3

IQOQ is a comprehensive installation qualification. The installation qualification (IQ) and operation qualification (OQ) are performed during the production at our factory. The IQOQ package includes the installation and verification of all of the stated parameters for one rotor.  

IQOQ package | ref. no. 17711

Package 4

An additional option for package 3 is the speed and temperature validation for a second rotor.

IQOQ package for an additional rotor | ref. no. 17712


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