Sigma 1-16K

Sigma 1-16K

Energy-efficient and quiet

Like the Sigma 1-16, the Sigma 1-16K refrigerated centrifuge is extremely easy to use with its motorized lid lock and has a durable, low-maintenance stainless steel bowl. The Sigma 1-16K also features a fan control that adjusts the fan speed according to the necessary cooling capacity, making it up to 60% quieter and reducing power consumption. At maximum speed the Sigma 1-16K reliably achieves +4


Product Specifications
max. speed [min-1] 15.000
max. RCF [x g] 20.627
max. capacity [ml] 36 x 2 ml
Temperature setting range [°C] -10 – +40
Programs 10
Acceleration curves 2
Deceleration curves 2
Cycle counting


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72 ml
15.000 rpm
20.627 x g

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